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Welcome to the Golf Tournament Network (GTN), where managing a golf tournament becomes a breeze for tournament organizers, managers, and golfers!  Our platform is meticulously designed to provide seamless access to all tournament information through the GTN website and the Golf Mobile Network smartphone application.  With the GTN, it's not just about playing golf; it elevates the entire tournament experience!

Features Designed to Transform Your Experience

Versatile Event Configurations: Host a variety of events, from individual or team competitions to large-scale tournaments with up to 16 golfers per team and unlimited participants.

Flexible Duration and Formats: Cater to diverse preferences with options for 18 & 9 hole events, spanning 1 to 5 days, including flights, handicapped and non-handicapped formats.

Comprehensive Tee and Start Time Management: Supports any tee from any course and offers both tee times and shotgun starts, complemented by printed scorecards and cart signs.

Advanced Scoring and Results: Features hole-by-hole score entry, admin and smartphone scoring with real-time results, and a variety of skins games. A multitude of reports, including those for single-event standings and multi-event tournament series, enhance the competitive integrity.

Interactive Admin Dashboard: Manage your tournament effortlessly with club and tournament level admin dashboards. Enjoy features like comprehensive event configuration, team settings, and robust competition and round settings that can change by round.

Dynamic Scoring & Results System: Administer various competition types with ease. These include Stroke, Match, Stroke/Match, Stableford, Normal, Best Ball, Scramble, Alternate Shot, 6/6/6, among other options.

Round and Results Tuning: Have the system work for you with the multi-round auto-cut feature and multiple tie breaking options.  And, identify golfer status such as Disqualified, Withdrawn, Conceded, or simply Active or Inactive.

Seamless Online Registrations & Communications: Facilitate participant engagement with online registrations interfaced with Stripe, and maintain communication through email & push notifications.

Smart Phone Application & TV Leaderboard: Elevate the spectator experience with our smart TV compatible application, showcasing multiple leaderboards, user-defined themes, and promotional content screens for sponsors. Our Golf Mobile Network smartphone app supports both Android and iOS, offering a comprehensive golfer dashboard with live scoring options and real-time displays.

Comprehensive Golf Handicaps and Golf League Interface: Integrate seamlessly with the Golf Handicap Network and the Golf League Network for streamlined golfer registration and handicap management.
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Feature List

TV Leaderboard
Smartphone Application
  • Supports smart TV's
  • Or connect a TV or projector to a laptop
  • User defined "savable" background themes
  • Managed screen rotation
  • Supports multiple Leaderboards
  • Display one, some or all leaderboards
  • Results leaderboard
  • Team Net leaderboard
  • Team Gross leaderboard
  • Team Net & Gross leaderboard
  • Player Net leaderboard
  • Player Gross leaderboard
  • Player Net & Gross leaderboard
  • Team Points leaderboard
  • Tournament Statistics leaderboard
  • Results by Gender leaderboard
  • Low Scores Men leaderboard
  • Low Scores Women leaderboard
  • Skins leaderboard (Player/Team Gross/Net)
  • User definable Content screens
  • For promoting Sponsors
  • For displaying Proxies (Long Drive, etc...)
  • Served through the Golf Mobile Network

  • Supports Android and iOS (Apple) devices
  • Comprehensive Golfer Dashboard
  • Includes a "Touchless" live scoring option
  • Individual Players can be turned on/off
  • Presents many Real-time Displays
  • Golfer/Team List
  • Tee Groups
  • Scores
  • Leaderboard
  • Skins
  • Message Board
  • Supports Push Notifications from Admins
  • All displays have sub-sorts
  • By Flight
  • By Round
  • By Team
  • By Player including by Gender
  • View any Tournament in History
Scoring & Results
  • Supports many types of Competition
  • Enter Scores Hole-by-Hole or in Total
  • Admin Score entry via Website
  • Quick Score entry by scorecard
  • Admin Score entry by Smart Phone
  • TV Leaderboard Results
  • Sharable Results link
  • Allows observers to follow along in real-time
  • Printable Results
  • Supports Individual and Team Skins
  • Supports Gross and Net Skins
  • Skin Amount
  • Can be entered in Total for a Round
  • Can be determined by # Players in a Round
  • Maximum Handicaps can be set by Gender
  • Handicap Percent can be set by Gender
  • Players and Teams can opt In/Out of Skins
  • Comprehensive Report of Skins winners
  • GMN Smart Phone app presents Skins Real-time
Tournament Series
Online Registrations
  • Season long events
  • Supports multiple Series within Season
  • Points accumulated by Golfer within a Series
  • Series Standings
  • Uses the Golf Registration Network
  • Collect Monies directly to your Account
  • Setup Registrations at Tournament Setup
  • Golfers may Register and pay by Credit Card for individual Events
  • Golfers may Register and pay by Credit Card for multiple Events within a Series
Reports & Communications
  • Content Manager
  • Player listing
  • Player Check in form
  • Starting information
  • Teams
  • Flights
  • Scoring sheet
  • Player & Team Scores
  • Skins
  • Scorecards
  • Cart Signs
  • Scoreboards
  • Bag Labels
  • Results & Leaderboard & Statistics
  • Usernames & Passwords
  • Message Board
  • Email
  • Push notifications

Why Choose Golf Tournament Network?

GTN is not just a tool; it's your partner in success. We provide an array of features tailored to meet the demands of modern tournament administration, ensuring your event stands out for its professionalism, efficiency, and engaging experience. By choosing GTN, you're opting for a solution that transforms the way golf tournaments are managed, allowing you to focus on creating memorable events.