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The Golf Tournament Network is the affordable solution for touchless "Smart Phone" Scoring!

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Standard Features
The Golf Tournament Network is a Web and Mobile based software application.  Inherent benefits include 24/7 access from anywhere, free program updates and support, data protection and security, personalized logins, and more...
  • Individual or Team events - up to 16 Golfers per Team
  • Unlimited Golfers per event
  • 18 & 9 hole events
  • 1 - 5 day events
  • Flights
  • Handicapped and non-Handicapped events
  • Supports any Tee from any Course (Home or Away)
  • Tee Times and Shotgun starts
  • Printed Scorecards (holes dotted) & Cart Signs
  • Total or Hole-by-Hole score entry
  • Skins (gross/net & individual/team)
  • Admin and Smart Phone Scoring with Real-time Results
  • Tie-Breaking options
  • Many Reports
  • Series & Standings
  • Online Registrations (interfaced with Stripe)
  • Support for Email & Push Notifications
  • Program Support (unlimited from Handicomp Support Staff)
Admin DashboardCompetitions
  • Club Level and Tournament Level Admin Dashboards
  • Support for multiple Administrators
  • Comprehensive Event Configuration
    • Copy a previous Tournament
  • Team Settings
  • Competition Settings
  • Round Settings
    • Competition can change by Round
  • Player and Team maintenance
  • Flight manager (Auto or Manual)
  • Tee Group (who plays with who)
  • Tee Times (Auto or Manual)?
  • Stroke, Match, Points, Match Points
  • Stableford, Stroke/Match
  • Normal, Best Ball, Scramble, Alternate Shot, 6/6/6
  • Number of Player scores to drop
  • Many Tie Breaker methods (including USGA)
  • Auto Cut for paring down later rounds
  • Disqualify, Withdrawal, Concede, Activate
TV LeaderboardSmart Phone Application

  • Supports smart TV's
  • Or connect a TV or projector to a laptop
  • User defined "savable" background themes
  • Managed screen rotation
  • Supports multiple Leaderboards
    • Display one, some or all leaderboards
    • Results leaderboard
    • Team Net leaderboard
    • Team Gross leaderboard
    • Team Net & Gross leaderboard
    • Player Net leaderboard
    • Player Gross leaderboard
    • Player Net & Gross leaderboard
    • Team Points leaderboard
    • Tournament Statistics leaderboard
    • Results by Gender leaderboard
    • Low Scores Men leaderboard
    • Low Scores Women leaderboard
    • Skins leaderboard (Player/Team Gross/Net)
  • User definable Content screens
    • For promoting Sponsors
    • For displaying Proxies (Long Drive, etc...)
  • Supports Android and iOS (Apple) devices
  • Comprehensive Golfer Dashboard
  • Includes a "Touchless" live scoring option
    • Individual Players can be turned on/off
  • Presents many Real-time Displays 
    • Golfer/Team List
    • Tee Groups
    • Scores
    • Leaderboard
    • Skins
    • Message Board
  • Supports Push Notifications from Admins
  • All displays have sub-sorts
    • By Flight
    • By Round
    • By Team
    • By Player including by Gender
  • View any Tournament in History

Scoring & ResultsSkins
  • Supports many types of Competition
  • Enter Scores Hole-by-Hole or in Total
  • Admin Score entry via Website
    • Quick Score entry by scorecard
  • Admin Score entry by Smart Phone
  • TV Leaderboard Results
  • Sharable Results link
    • Allows observers to follow along in real-time
  • Printable Results
  • Supports Individual and Team Skins
  • Supports Gross and Net Skins
  • Skin Amount
    • Can be entered in Total for a Round
    • Can be determined by # Players in a Round
  • Maximum Handicaps can be set by Gender
  • Handicap Percent can be set by Gender
  • Players and Teams can opt In/Out of Skins
  • Comprehensive Report of Skins winners
  • GMN Smart Phone app presents Skins Real-time 
Tournament SeriesOnline Registrations
  • Season long events
  • Supports multiple Series within Season
  • Points accumulated by Golfer within a Series
  • Series Standings
  • Uses the Golf Registration Network
  • Collect Monies directly to your Account
  • Setup Registrations at Tournament Setup
  • Golfers may Register and pay by Credit Card for individual Events
  • Golfers may Register and pay by Credit Card for multiple Events within a Series
Reports & Communications
  • Content Manager
  • Player listing
  • Player Check in form
  • Starting information
  • Teams
  • Flights
  • Scoring sheet
  • Player & Team Scores
  • Skins
  • Scorecards
  • Cart Signs
  • Scoreboards
  • Bag Labels
  • Results & Leaderboard & Statistics
  • Usernames & Passwords
  • Message Board
  • Email
  • Push notifications

Golf Handicaps InterfaceGolf League Interface

  • Register Golfers directly from the GHN
  • Directly import HGHS Handicaps
  • Post scores directly to Golfer score records
  • Register Golfers directly from the GLN
  • Directly import League Handicaps