Golf Tournament Network

Internet Based Golf Tournament Software

Golfer Features

Who Benefits the most from the Golf Tournament Network?  Golfers Do!

Golf Tournament Software solutions since 1983!

Standard Features
  • Every tournament participant is provided their own website & smart phone landing page
    • Respectfully the Golf Tournament Network and Golf Mobile Network applications
    • Both accessed by the same unique username and password
    • Both from where Golfers can access all of their Golf Tournament Network history
Web Application FeaturesSmart Phone Features

  • "My Account" gives player control over their contact info and Profile
  • Personalized Landing Page
  • Access that includes:
    • Event Information
    • Player and Team Rosters
    • Starting Times and Holes
    • Handicaps and Flights
    • Special Contests and Proxies
    • Round by Round Scorecard
  • Demand Reports including:
    • Player Listing
    • Starting Information
    • Teams
    • Flights
    • Player Status (i.e. cut, DQ, WD,...)
  • Score Reports including:
    • Player & Team Scores
    • Leaderboard & Results
    • Skins
    • Statistics
    • Series Standings
  • Supports Android and iOS (Apple) devices
  • Includes a "Touchless" live scoring option
    • Individual Players can be turned on/off
  • Presents many Real-time Displays 
    • Golfer/Team List
    • Tee Groups
    • Scores
    • Leaderboard
    • Skins
    • Message Board
  • Supports Push Notifications from Admins
  • All displays have sub-sorts
    • By Flight
    • By Round
    • By Team
    • By Player including by Gender
  • View any Tournament in History

  • Supports Course and Tournament Admin
    • Email communications
    • Smart phone Push notifications
    • Event Message Board
  • When applicable the Tournament Administration can Post Scores back to the Golf Handicap Network so that golfers don't have to post themselves