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Maximize Golfer Experience with the Golf Tournament Network
Welcome to the Golf Tournament Network (GTN), where tournament golfers can experience the game like never before! Our platform is expertly crafted to ensure golfers have effortless access to all tournament details, both on the GTN website and via the Golf Mobile Network smartphone application. With GTN, playing golf is just the beginning; it's about elevating your entire tournament journey, offering convenience and enhanced engagement at every step.

Features for Every Participant

Web Application FeaturesSmart Phone Features
  • "My Account" gives player control over their Contact information and Profile
  • Personalized Landing Page
  • Access that includes:
    • Event Information
    • Player and Team Rosters
    • Starting Times and Holes
    • Handicaps and Flights
    • Special Contests and Proxies
    • Round by Round Scorecard
  • Demand Reports including:
    • Player Listing
    • Starting Information
    • Teams
    • Flights
    • Player Status (i.e. cut, DQ, WD,...)
  • Score Reports including:
    • Player & Team Scores
    • Leaderboard & Results
    • Skins
    • Statistics
    • Series Standings
  • Supports Android and iOS (Apple) devices
  • Includes a live Scorecard scoring option
    • Individual Players can be turned on/off
  • Presents many Real-time Displays 
    • Golfer/Team List
    • Tee Groups
    • Scores
    • Leaderboard
    • Skins
    • Message Board
  • Supports Push Notifications from Admins
  • All displays have sub-sorts
    • By Flight
    • By Round
    • By Team
    • By Player including by Gender
  • View any Tournament in History
  • Supports Course and Tournament Admin
    • Email communications
    • Smart phone Push notifications
    • Event Message Board
  • When applicable the Tournament Administration can Post Scores to the Golf Handicap Network so golfers don't have to post their scores