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 Tiered Pricing


Calendar Year Price (Jan - Dec)

Single Event*

For those who host a single event


2 - 10 Events**
For those who host a small number of events during the year$500
11 - 20 Events**
For those who host an intermediate number of events during the year
21 or more Events**
For those who host a larger number of events during the year
Golf Mobile NetworkSmart phone application that includes Touchless ScoringFREE

How Tiered Pricing works:

Select your best value!  Maybe yours is a group that hosts one event a year or maybe yours is a course that hosts more than 100 events a year.  Tiered Pricing is designed to fit the size of your Tournament operation.

Pricing is based on a calendar year, which means everything starts over on Jan 1st.  So, if your course wants to get started in Sept and only has a few tournaments before the end of the year, sign up for a reduced number of events and then go for the larger amount in January (for the next year).

If you sign up for a small number of events and find out later that you want to run more events through the system, you can always upgrade to the next level (larger number of events) for the difference in price.  For example, if you have paid for up to 10 events and want to run an 11th event, you will only have to pay $250 (the difference between 2-10 and 11-20) to get more events.

* - If you run a single event the amount must be paid in full to gain access to the application.

** - If you run two or mor events there is a Minimum charge of $50 that is due upon acceptance of Terms with the balance due at the next month end billing cycle due date (generally the 20th of the month).  Note, the minimum charge may be waived if requested.

If you have any questions relating to pricing please contact Handicomp @ 616-457-9581 (or to help get you started.