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2022 Golf Tournament Network Pricing 




Tournament Software

Annual price for unlimited events for a course, organization or group.

Includes all Features.

$695* for 12 Months

Single Event PricingDetermined on a Case by Case Basis
Golf Mobile NetworkSmart phone application that includes Touchless ScoringFREE

Multi Golf Club (Association) Pricing:

The Golf Tournament Network is also available for organizations that host a roster of Golf Clubs or Chapters.  These organizations could be golf associations, club management groups, PGA Sections, tournament series, or any other entity that has proven market oversight.  If yours is one of these groups and you would like to bring a group of clubs into the system under your umbrella, please contact Handicomp for special pricing.

* - Minimum $75 charge is due upon acceptance of Terms with the balance due at the month end billing cycle due date.  Note, this charge may be waived if requested.

If you would like to become a Tournament Course or have other questions relating to pricing please contact Handicomp @ 616-457-9581 (or to help get you started.