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Revolutionize Your Golf Tournaments with State-of-the-Art Software! The Golf Tournament Network Application delivers unparalleled ease in managing golf events, combining cutting-edge web and mobile app technologies.

Enjoy the benefits of live scoring, detailed reporting, and streamlined online registration processes. With our user-friendly Admin Dashboard and dynamic smartphone app, managing tournaments becomes a breeze, ensuring flawless execution of every event. Dive into the world of efficient golf tournament management with the Golf Tournament Network - start your journey towards smoother, more professional tournaments today!

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Software that Meets Expectations!

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GMN "Smart Phone" Scoring
TV Leaderboard
Transform your golf tournaments and outings with our cutting-edge TV Leaderboard feature.  Golfers will enjoy the real-time live score updates and you will enjoy a user-friendly interface and customizable displays to enhance your event presentation.
Net Events - Golf Handicapping
On-line Event Registration

For events requiring handicapping, the GTN provides robust options.  The GTN seamlessly integrates with our Golf Handicap Network application, making it very easy to access golfer handicaps and post scores. Or, supply your own handicaps and import them into a Tournament.  Either way, you'll be able to deliver a fun and fair event.

Need to collect fees for your events? The GTN seamlessly integrates with our Golf Registration Network application, enabling online registration fee collection, which makes signing up for an event a breeze.  With our Stripe interface, collected funds are directly deposited into your bank account, streamlining the financial managment of your events.

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