Golf Tournament Network

Internet Based Golf Tournament Software

Technical Support

Handicomp understands the critical importance of prompt and effective software support in successfully managing a golf tournament or outing.  We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier technical support for the Golf Tournament Network, ensuring that every query is met with a clear, quick response.  From telephone to remote access support, our comprehensive service suite guarantees that operational hiccups never derail you managing your event.

Support you can Trust when you Need It


Enjoy peace of mind with Golf Tournament Network's inclusive support policy.  Our robust support system is part of your package, with no hidden fees or limits on the number of queries, ensuring your event runs smoothly at no extra cost.

Support Hours:

Our dedicated support team is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm Eastern Time.  Additionally, we ensure prompt attention to emergency calls, any time they arise.

Integrated Application Assistance:

Navigate easily with in-app help links providing detailed explanations and instructions for all features. 

Dashboard Support:

Our intuitive Dashboard support allows easy issue reporting directly within the program for both administrators and golfers.  Admins benefit from a historical record of past queries, enabling efficient resolution of recurring issues. This is by far the most preferred form of support.

Telephone Support:

Connect with our experts directly through our dedicated telephone support, specially designed for convenience and quick resolutions.  Handicomp Support Staff can be reached by calling 616-457-9581 ext. 2.

Email Support:

Prefer email communication? Reach out to our support team directly for any inquiries or assistance at

Remote Access Support:

For more complex issues, our team might use remote access to provide in-depth support, utilizing Google's secure Remote Support software.  This is an extremely powerful tool that is used in both support and training environments.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!  Google's Remote Support software is free and works on Windows, Apple, and Chromebook computers. Should a request be made, simply launch your Chrome browser and navigate to

Note, Handicomp Staff will never access your computer without your consent.


Generally training is not required for administrators or users, however the Handicomp Support Staff will provide initial training of up to an hour at no charge should it be requested.  Training is provided remotely via Remote Access Support, which allows Handicomp Staff to mirror the computer screen of the individual(s) being trained.  More in depth training for larger groups of individuals is priced on a case by case basis.

Program Updates:

Keeping up-to-date is easy as all program updates are provided free of charge.  And, because the Golf Tournament Network is based in the cloud, nothing needs to be installed on user computers.

Data Backup:

All Golf Tournament Network data resides at a data center and is backed up continuously (real-time) to a separate data center at location far away from the live data.  Consequently, there is no need for users to backup or keep copies of their tournament data.